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Pillow packing machine

The machine structure design is beautiful and compact, dual frequency control, stable operation, simple maintenance, convenient, low failure rate, low noise, intelligent super large touch screen and digital display temperature control system, simple and intuitive parameter setting, easy to operate and replace the packaging products, accurate sealing and cutting position, control accuracy.
  • DJ420
  • 420

Packaging Line Features:


1) Automatic complete the process of feeding,metering,bag filling,date printing,inflating exhaust,finished products conveying.


2)High measuring accuracy,high efficiency,no broken material.


3)It is suitable for automatic packaging of granular,sheet and strip material such as puffed food,potato chips,shrimp, sweets,peanuts,melon seeds,rice,salt,pet food,etc.


Technical Parameters:




Max.Bag Width


Bag Length


Film Thickness


Packing Speed




Power Specification


Air Consumption


Overall Dimension


Gross Weight



Packaging Line Units:

(1).DJK-420 Main Machine

* Imported PLC computer controller integrates with LCD touch panel,the man-machine display makes the machine easy operated.


* Equipped with servo winding system,pneumatic control system.


* The Maximize to improve the whole machine's precision,reliability and stability.


* Use intellectual temperature controller,the high temperature control to ensure the neat sealing.


*The perfect automatic alarm safety protection,little waste.This machine completes the whole packing procedure of measuring,feeding,bagging,date printing,gas charging,products out-putting.Counting automatically.


(2).10 Heads Combination weighter

It fits for packaging materials which requires high measurement precision and fragile loose material such as puffy food,potato chips,crispy rice,jelly,candy,nut,peanut,bean,apple piece,rice dumpling,medicine,vegetable,fruits,etc.


(3) . Z type elevator

The lifting bucket conveyor is suitable for granular materials such as grains,food,feed and materials in chemical industry.Combined with combination scale and packing machine into quantitative automatic packaging system,it can be widely used in food,feed and chemical packaging industry.


(4). Supporting platform

(5) .Finished products conveyor

For various bag type:Pillow bag,3 or 4 side sealed bag,stick bag etc.





1,DJK-520 the units:

1. DJ-520 Automatic packing machine    2.10 heads combination weigher.

3. Z type elevator    4. Supporting platform   5. Finished products conveyor


It's suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as puffy food, crispy rice, candy, pistachio, apple slices, dumplings, chocolate, pet food, small hard wares, medicine etc.

3,DJ-520 Automatic packing machine


I. The scope of packaging

It’s suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material , such as : puffy food , crispy rice , Potato Chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , sugar , apple slices , dumpling , chocolate , pet food , small wares etc .  

II. The major performance and structural feature

*Imported PLC computer control system with human-machine interface; touch screen is simple and direct-viewing in operation;
4,10 heads combination weigher.


I. Main performance and structural features application scale: 

Potato slice and chip, salads, raisin, oatmeal, candy, peanut, walnut kernel, apricot kernel, popped food, sugar, jelly, frozen dumpling, meatball, crude drugs, gourmet powder, salt, solid beverage etc.

Non food: screws, nuts, toys.

I. Main performance and structural features

*Select the best combination immediately from diversified weight combinations through computer with perfect combination of high precision and high speed.

*High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise weighing.

*Liquid crystal screen operating system in multiple languages such as Chinese and English, etc.

*IP65 grade water-proof and dust-proof design. It’s clean and sanitary with all stainless steel parts. Full sealed design prevents accumulation of material and facilitates cleaning.

*It can fine the opening and closing speed of hopper door according to the features of items to be weighed, and prevent crushing and blocking of material.

*With powerful digital automatic counting function, it can record the index for each batch of product such as total bag number; pass rate and difference of single bag, etc.

*Optional devices: triply balance ball, suction hopper, printing device, tolerance sorting device.

*Strong compatibility and more compact structure with it directly installed on the upper part of packing machine.

*Fast return for investment by largely saving large quantity of raw material and labor cost.

*Net weight: 300kg; Gross weight: 370kg

*Voltage: 220V; Power: 1500W; Frequency: 50/60HZ; Rated current: 9A.
5. Z type elevator 

6. Platform( Stainless steel )


7. Products conveyor



Packaging & Shipping

Inside: plastic bag for all the machines.

Outside: wooden case for all machines(the kinds of wooden case or pellet depends on clients' requirements).

small scale frying potato chips making machine price/industrial food processing


Shipping, train, express, or upon clients' demands.

small scale frying potato chips making machine price/industrial food processing

We promise to You:

1.All Machines will be cleaned and whole wraped by plastic film to avoid any scratch;

2.Extra Spare Parts,wires and tool box will be placed with the package;
3.Delivery Department and salesman will check the packing list to avoid any missing;
4.All Wooden Cases will be used for protecting the machine during long-time shipment.

Our Services

We Provide Below Service To Protect Your Purchase.

1). Free consulation service before, during, and after sales;

2). Free project planning and design services;

3). Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

4). Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;

5). Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

6). Free new production techniques and formulas;

7). Provide 1 year complete warrantee and life time maintenance service.

small scale frying potato chips making machine price/industrial food processing

Global Service

small scale frying potato chips making machine price/industrial food processing 

Company Information

Jinan Dejiu Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an old technology enterprise with 12 years experience integrating technology and manufacture.

Even if we are new coming in international trade,we have devoted ourselves to developing and manufacturing the double/single screw extruders, snack production lines, breakfast cereal/corn flake production lines, soya meat production lines, pasta/macaroni production lines, pet food production lines for more than 10 years.

small scale frying potato chips making machine price/industrial food processing 


Question 1: What's the reason of that so many clients choose your company?

Answer: We have strong technical team and standard management. Our existing products are related to the pasta processing line, Corn Processing Equipment/Corn Processing Machine, Fried Snacks Production Line, Textured Soya Protein/Soya Meat Production Line, Salad, French Fries Production Line, Single/Twin Screw Extruder,Pet Food(Cat ,Dog,Fish,Bird) Production Line, Breakfast Cereal Production Line etc.

The most important is------Dejiu Machinery has more than 10 years experience in snacks food manufacturing.

Question 2: Could the machine be customized ?

Answer: Yes. DeJiu Machinery could design the snacks food equipment based on your requirements, and we offer the layout for free.

Question 3: What's the Manufacture & Installation time ?

Answer: Usually, the producing time is about 20 work days and the installation time is about 10 work days, depending on different machine types.

Question 4: How is the Installation and Training ?

Answer: Dejiu Machinery supplies free training about installation.But if buyers ask our engineers to fly to their countries and guide them to install,the buyers only need to provide air tickets, accommodation (Contains local eating,living and transportation) and daily salary for our engineers during the installation period.

Let’s Make It Easy To Produce More Snacks Food!



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